We like to think of self-care as a house. You build a strong foundation of self-care that you can build upon. This is the time to tend to your ground floor – your foundation – and work to make it as stable as possible to best support you through this time. Our self-car...

How much do you know about the food-mood connection?  Do you know what foods and supplements support a positive mood for YOUR brain and body?  Or do you notice when certain foods cause an increase in symptoms of anxiety or low mood?

You are what you eat. It’s a phr...

It’s Thursday morning, your partner left dishes in the sink again, the vision you had for your hair today is not going according to plan, and now the train is running late. What do all of these have in common? They’re small, everyday occurrences that often leave us fee...

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How Being the “Cool Girl” In a Relationship Can (and will) Seriously Backfire

October 6, 2016

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