Move Therapy and Wellness offers psychotherapy services, career and life coaching, mentoring, yoga therapy and special class series and workshops.


Laura and the Move Therapy and Wellness team specialize in working with teens and young adults  (20’s,  30’s and 40's) on addressing emotional challenges such as anxiety, sadness and depression,  issues with self-concept, self-doubt, feelings of being overwhelmed, stuck or hopeless and struggles with identity development as well as relationship struggles  In using cognitive behavioral, strengths and outcomes based approaches, as well as mind/body techniques like yoga and meditation, we will help to support you in gaining personal insight, identifying obstacles, uncovering or rediscovering strengths and achieving fulfilling and meaningful growth. 

Founder Laura Dziekiewicz (center), Stephanie Pinsler (left), Megan Schnell (right)

Perinatal Health and Wellness


Psychotherapists at Move are certified in treating perinatal mood disorders including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum through targeted therapies and holistic approaches that include self care, natural supplement regimen, nutrition education, and exercise. 

Yoga Therapy

The Move Therapy and Wellness team includes and collaborates with certified yoga therapists and licensed acupuncturists as well as hold additional professional certifications in Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy, Mind Body Exploration and Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy which includes guided mindfulness meditation practice, breathing and relaxation techniques and yoga practice for addressing symptoms of anxiety, unresolved trauma, anger management, perinatal mood disorders, depression and anxiety and can improve stress management and self care skills, symptoms of insomnia, inflammation and poor digestion.