8 “Office Friendly” Yoga Poses



Sitting at your desk for hours on end throughout the week can place unnecessary stress on the lumbar spine and back, tighten the hips and chest, and produce poor circulation in your legs. Because of the significant connection between the body and mind, all of these physical issues can lead to a lack of concentration or “brain fog”, the thinning in brain regions linked to memory, and psychological stress (anxiety, depression, etc.).


Try these 8 simple yoga poses that you can perform at your desk to increase energy, clear your mind, and reduce physical discomfort:



Seated Side Stretch


Bring one hand across your body and grab the opposite side of your chair or thigh


Extend the opposite hand above your head, finding as much length as possible


Lean to the side, create a side body stretch as you reach


Tip: create space between your shoulders and ears, gaze up in the opposite direction that you are reaching, and keep your chest squared


Benefit: Brings balance to your entire body, lengthens the abdominal muscles and hips



Seated Easy Twist


Place one hand across your body (on the opposite thigh or the arm of your chair)


As you inhale find length in your spine, as you exhale twist your body


Keep both knees facing forward as you twist


Tip: Continue to lengthen your spine as you twist


Benefit: Promotes good posture and stimulates circulation



Wrist Stretch


Take your fingertips of one hand into the palm of your other hand


Extend that same arm forward at the height of your shoulder


Gently press your fingers down, towards your body, with the palm of the other hand


Benefit: Brings relief to your wrists, especially if you type or write all day



Seated Pigeon


While seated in your chair, cross one ankle over the other knee, creating a 90 degree angle


Keep the foot flexed to ensure there is not too much pressure on the knee


Benefit: Opens and loosens the hips, invites creativity and the birth of new ideas



Seated Cat Cow



Place your hands on your knees


As you inhale, arch your back and gave to the ceiling


As you exhale, connect your chin to your chest and press your back towards your chair


Benefit: Helps fluctuate the spine and energize your mind


Neck Stretch


Let one ear fall towards your shoulder


Continues to pull your shoulder away from your ear


Option to roll your neck in BOTH directions


Benefit: Releases tension in your neck from slouching or staring at your computer all day. Stretching your neck also positively effects your state of mind



Shoulder Opener


Place both elbows on your desk or chair


Press your chest down towards the floor so your elbows align with your shoulders


Benefit: Reduce joint discomfort and chronic muscle pain








Bring your hands together in front of your heart


Close your eyes


Take 10 deep breaths


Benefit: Calms the nervous system and helps you connect with your breath




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