Yoga Team

Move Therapy and Wellness' yoga studio offers yoga classes to our therapy clients and the general public, making psychoeducation and researched based tools accessible through movement, breath work and meditation.  Our space and our classes are designed to help you let go, recharge and learn self-care tools that you can take off of the mat and in to your everyday life.

Rickie Kostiner, RYT-200

From her first yoga class, Rickie was captivated by, not only its physical challenge, but

also its spiritual and soulful connectivity. What began as a search for a different and

unique workout transformed into a truly life changing experience. Rickie completed her

first 200-hour Hot yoga teacher training in Boulder, Colorado in 2015. She quickly

supplemented this with additional trainings in Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Sculpt, and an ‘off the

mat and into the world,’ training. Rickie has designed, led, and curated many yoga

trainings and workshops in studio spaces, corporate spaces, and even in the home

environment. She is passionate and inspired by the many healing and health benefits

behind all forms of yoga, and she takes a trauma informed and neurobiological

approach to her yoga teachings both in and out of the studio.


Her classes are grounding and upbeat with emphasis on breath to movement flow.

You will hear one of Rickie’s favorite grounding phrases, “I am just a voice,

the yoga does the work,” throughout her classes. She is looking forward to holding space for you in one of her classes. When not in the studio, Rickie practices as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist at Move Therapy and Wellness.

Rickie Kostiner, RYT-200
Macauley Cliffe, RYT-200

Macauley Cliffe, RYT-200, believes that yoga is a tool that can deepen our connection with ourselves. Macauley's own personal practice of yoga allowed her to experience the mental health benefits that the practice has to offer, and she makes this a top priority for students. Integrating her knowledge of mental health as a practicing Psychotherapist, she uses her classes to support students learning about themselves and integrating the lessons that yoga has to offer both on and off of their mats.


Creating a warm, nurturing, and exploratory environment is something she is passionate about and seeks to provide for all students. She likes to incorporate these qualities into vinyasa and hatha style classes and offers a lesson to integrate during each class.

Macauley Cliffe, RYT-200
Claire Rayburn, RYT-200

Claire is a registered 200-hr yoga teacher with Move Therapy. After practicing for nearly 10 years and noticing the huge positive impact yoga had on her life’s outlook, she decided to become certified to teach others. To Claire, yoga is the perfect way to practice pausing within life's sweet and crazy moments. She loves to guide students through a flow practice that is calming and joyful, letting breath and music set the tone for the space.


Off the mat, Claire is a pediatric speech therapist. You can also find her reading on her orch and spending time by the lake. 


Favorite quote: "You are the sky; everything else... it's just the weather." -- Pema Chodron

Claire Rayburn, RYT-200
Briana Ryan, RYT-200

Bri’s classes focus on connecting to the breath, identifying areas of tension in the body, and directing energy to those spaces in an effort to alleviate stress. Yoga inspires Bri to look inward and reflect and she uses that to curate creative themes for classes that include thoughtful sequencing and plenty of space to explore. Bri’s classes are challenging, yet balanced, and are often playful. Om shanti!

In her clinical work, Bri specializes in group therapy.  In addition to teaching yoga classes and working with individual clients, she leads a variety of movement based specialty workshops for group topics like grief and loss, anxiety, chronic pain, etc.

Briana Ryan, RYT-200
Stephanie Rotman, RYT-200

Stephanie is a 200hr Yoga Teacher who began practicing yoga after suffering a spinal injury in high school. She began teaching in 2018 and found her passion in helping people connect with their bodies in a positive and compassionate way. Her desire was always to focus on the emotional impact that yoga can have on students, which sparked her training in Trauma-Informed Yoga. Through her training in Trauma-Informed Yoga, Stephanie learned more about making yoga feel accessible and safe.


Stephanie uses a variety of tools like breathwork (pranayama), yoga postures (asana), and meditations to create healing in the body and the mind. Stephanie has experience teaching in individual and group settings and with populations of various ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

Stephanie Rotman, RYT-200
Briana Ryan, RYT-200
Madison Suffredini, RYT-200

Madison is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher who completed her training in 2016.  Madison has taught in a variety of settings and to a rage of populations including her work in creating and facilitating therapeutic yoga/movement groups for eating disorders, including therapeutic chair yoga for persons in larger bodies. Madison utilizes a Power Vinyasa Flow style of teaching that is light hearted, yet challenging, with a focus on creating a moving meditation by bringing awareness to each movement and transition. Madison is passionate about helping her students connect their breath to each movement, exploring what it is like to be intentional with each movement and transition, and exploring ways to move towards certain sensations and experiences that seem uncomfortable yet helpful to bringing one closer to reconnecting with their mind and body. 


Madison enjoys incorporating intentions/themes for each class in hopes to bring a deeper connection and focus to her classes. One of Madison’s favorite themes/quotes that she often reflects back on is one that acts as a reminder to practice being compassionate towards ourselves even when life is filled with constant uncertainties. It is a reminder that it is okay to not have all of the answers, that it is okay to feel lost sometimes, and knowing that even when you don’t have everything figured out, you are still allowed to find peace and have moments of relief. 


“For many things, there will be more questions than answers, and there will also be endless trace, reminding you: you can still know peace even while you wait for things to fall into place” -Morgan Harper Nichols

Madison Suffredini, RYT-200
Daniel Gibson, RYT-200

Daniel Gibson has had a dedicated yoga practice for 6 years. He found yoga by way of dance and the creative arts, longing for a way to move his body in a way that was not only performative but also restorative. Having taught creative movement and dance for well over a decade, it seemed like a natural progression to explore yogic traditions and the myriad of benefits they bring to the mind and body. To Daniel, yoga is an intersection; a nexus of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies and every practice he leads seeks to engage all three with a sense of challenging, playful curiosity.

Daniel Headshot 2 (1)_edited.jpg
Daniel Gibson, RYT-200
Molly Bramlet, RYT-200

Molly was introduced to yoga almost twenty years ago when her junior high track coach suggested pranayama techniques to integrate mindfulness into conditioning work. Surprised by the impact of her intentional breath, she continued with the occasional practice throughout high school and college.  It was not until 2013, while Molly was living in New York that yoga became more than a physical outlet. Practicing with teachers influenced by Jivamukti and Katonah methods, she was able to quiet the noise of the city and find peace on her mat.


After returning to Chicago the following year, Molly deepened her understanding of the body at Bare Feet Power Yoga, where she completed her 200 HR Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training in 2019.

A lifelong student, Molly has taken additional trainings in mindfulness and trauma informed yoga. She is currently working towards her 200 HR Katonah Yoga Certification.


Molly’s teachings emphasize the mind, body, and how we weave them together through imagination. She believes options make us powerful and provides dynamic sequences that allow students to personalize their practice. Through the lens of yoga, Molly provides techniques for cultivating joy and creativity on and off the mat.


Favorite Pranayama: kapalabhati

Molly Bramlet, RYT-200
Gracie Fernandez, RYT-200

Gracie has been practicing yoga for the past 10 years as a way to manage her anxiety and connect to her body. She gained her teaching certificate in 2020 with the desire to deepen her practice while having little intention to teach.  After learning about herself and recognizing the many benefits that yoga offered her, she knew that she wanted to support students in growing their own yoga journey.  As a yoga instructor, she deeply values the safety of the space she is able to create together with her students. She believes in using yoga to connect the mind and body through movement and meditation. Gracie helps her students to feel safe, supported, and seen her my classes. Gracie looks forward to moving with you!

"There is no construction, without deconstruction"

-author unknown

Gracie Fernandez, RYT-200
Melissa Koontz, RYT-200

Melissa obtained her 200 hour RYT while studying to become a Mental Health Counselor. She experienced the profound effects that yoga had on her own life, and wanted to help clients by integrating yoga and mental health work. She began teaching yoga in a wide range of settings including corporate classes, Residential facilities, and Partial Hospitalization Programs. She also completed her Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy training to further integrate these two modalities.


As a yoga instructor, Melissa's goal is to support students in reconnecting to their mind and body in a way that feels safe and empowering. Melissa believes that practicing movement that is compassionate and self-reflective can be transformative for physical and mental health. Her classes will focus on balancing the yogic principles of effort (Sthira) and ease (Sukha), by offering challenging postures and dynamic movement, coupled with opportunities for rest and reflection. She incorporates a vinyasa style format, with emphasis on alignment and breath-to-movement sequencing. Melissa aims to create a space where people of all backgrounds and physical abilities are able to practice safe and joyful movement and experience a greater sense of peace within themselves.

Melissa Koontz, RYT-200
Riv McCollum, RYT-250

Riv 250+ hour Registered Yoga Teacher and wellness blogger. Her goal is to conceptualize and curate a sacred space for all things healing by using her own perspective and journey as a foundation for sharing. She finished my 250-hour yoga teacher training in April 2018 and has since fallen in love with inspiring her students through dharma and intentional movement. She seeks to hold space for exploration through her own trials and tribulations of redefining her relationships with her physical body and her mental state.

Riv photos -29 (1)_edited.jpg
Riv McCollm, RYT-250
Ali Armacost, RYT-200

Ali grew up as a runner and soccer player and was surprised to find yoga in college when she joined to navigate the stressors of college and life transitions. Ali took the leap of faith and completed her Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga when she moved from Boulder to Chicago in 2019. As a young adult, she was looking to connect with like-minded, compassionate individuals in the Chicago community.


Through teaching, Ali is inspired to share her light with others while creating a safe and open community for all students to practice regardless of their experience. Ali's classes are smooth and uplifting vinyasa classes that help students find a deeper mind-body connection through breath. 

Mantra: I spark light from within through connection and intuition.

Ali Armacost, RYT-200
Charlotte Waldmeir, RYT-200

Charlotte (she/her/hers) is a 200+ Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, who has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years. She is currently a graduate student at DePaul University where she is receiving her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

After teaching yoga, facilitating yoga teacher training and developing training programs in Chicago from 2013 to 2016, Charlotte moved to Latin America where she started her own yoga business, teaching to locals and expats in Santiago, Chile and Mexico City, Mexico. She is excited to be back in Chicago and bring her experience living and teaching abroad to the Move Therapy and Wellness Community!

Charlotte’s yoga classes are designed for all bodies and all backgrounds, making the practice accessible so every student feels supported and empowered. Her authentic and soulful approach to the practice can be felt on a cellular level as she guides you through asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation, threading in eclectic music and themes that inspire and ignite the mind, body and spirit.

Mantra: My emotions move through cycles and connect me to my truth.

448 (1).jpg
Charlotte Waldmeir, RYT-200
Lauren Bellagamba, TIYT, RYT-200

Lauren is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist.  She has over 10 years of experience in teaching yoga, developing training programs for yoga teachers and engaging in her own yoga training and education.


When Lauren completed her 200-hour teacher training it was truly an eye-opening and a life-changing experience. She discovered her life’s passion-Teaching yoga. Lauren also has training in Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy, and continues to learn the many ways that yoga can be used to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD.  She is currently in the process of completing her 500 YTT with Yoga Medicine to become a registered Therapeutic Specialist.


Lauren's classes focus on alignment, strengthening and relaxation. Join her on the mat as she explores movement, breath-work and meditation while encouraging you to take time out of your day to celebrate your body, your mind and your practice.

Lauren Bellagamba, TIYT, RYT-200